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The Sloppy Jalopy is Oscar's junk car in Follow That Bird. Since his horn is broken, Oscar has a Honker in the backseat to fill that function. A ragged umbrella covers the back area, and a "Big Bird or Bust!" sign is hand painted in a ragged scrawl. The license plate reads, "SCRAM."

Oscar's car has also been featured on Sesame Street, but with a different look and vehicle make. In The Sesame Street Special, Oscar uses a dilapidated taxi cab.

This car is also featured in the 1997 video Fiesta!, where it was being used as a carosa (float) by the kids to replace Rosita's broken float. Elmo thought that a fairy godmother transformed his pineapple into this Sloppy Jalopy as the float for the kids.

The Jalopy was seen in a 2006 episode of Sesame Street, in which Oscar and Grundgetta drive the car in a race.

In the 2009 storybook, Love, Elmo, Oscar is fixing up the Sloppy Jalopy to use it as a taxicab. The car has a sign painted on the side: "Oscar's Taxi Service: Ride At Your Own Risk".

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