PERFORMER Alice Dinnean
DEBUT 1997

The Silly Sorceress is a magical monster who appeared in a season 29 episode of Sesame Street.

She loves the letter S, to the point where she has it embroidered on her cap and cloak, possessing an S-shaped wand and speaking almost entirely in words beginning with S. She appears on Sesame Street unseen by anyone and introduces a silly spell she plans on casting on a nearby letter S: anyone who touches it will be stuck to it. Rosita happens to be the one to do so, ending up with it stuck to her nose.

After some attempts to remove it, Rosita exclaims she's sad. This happens to be the Sorceress' least favorite S word, thus it brings her back to the street. She fixes the problem with a feather to maker her sneeze (a plan previously attempted by Big Bird), only her plan involves her wand and a magic phrase. Rosita sneezes the S off, but then the Sorceress must remove it from the Anything Muppet man it now is stuck to.