DEBUT 1990

A Shagri-La member shows off an ear.

The Shagri-Las are a trio of furry blue monster girls who have sung several times on Sesame Street. One of their songs is "Brush Boogie". In a 1990 episode, one of them appears to sing "Sound It Out" to a clarinet player named Dan, who is learning to read. They have also appeared at Birdland to sing a song about fur.

Their name is a reference to the 1960s pop girl group The Shangri-Las.


  • All three singers' voices are dubbed. Ivy Austin performed one of them.
  • The Shagri-Las are among the very few monsters with visible ears.
  • All three puppets later appeared with different features as members of Rosita's family. One was used frequently as an AM monster.
  • Their design is very similar to Mel, though Mel possesses horns, a chubbier body and a thinner face.

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