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The Sesame Street Treasury Volume 10

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Written by Linda Bove with the National Theatre of the Deaf, Michael Frith, Jerry Juhl, Emily Perl Kingsley, Sharon Lerner, Nina B. Link, Jeffrey Moss, Robert Oksner, Ray Sipherd, Jocelyn G. Stevenson, Norman Stiles, Jon Stone, Daniel Wilcox
Illustrator Tom Cooke, Mel Crawford, Larry DiFiori, Mary Grace Eubank, Michael Frith, Harry McNaught, Ruth Marten, Joe Mathieu, Marc Nadel, Michael J. Smollin, Maggie Swanson, Bob Taylor
Published 1983
Publisher Funk & Wagnalls
Series The Sesame Street Treasury
ISBN 0834300621

The Sesame Street Treasury Volume 10 starring the number 10 and the letters P and Q

Stories included

  • The Monsters' Picnic - Cookie Monster, Herry Monster, Grover and Hortense Monster
  • Please Come to My Party - Oscar, Grover and Cookie Monster
  • Mind Your Ps and Qs! - Prairie Dawn
  • The Count Has a Bad Dream
  • Ernie Presents the Lettr Q - with Cookie Monster
  • Profile: Forgetful Jones
  • Who Ever Heard of a Purple Pig?, by Grover
  • Say it in Spanish! - People In My Family
  • The Count counts ten elephants
  • Photo: Herry Monster playing the piano
  • Say it in Sign Language! - Linda, Playground Fun
  • How many things can you sign? - Granny Fanny Nesslerode, Ernie, Bert, Prairie Dawn, Betty Lou, Big Bird, Herry, Grover, Roosevelt Franklin and Twiddlebugs
  • Oscar Chooses a Pet
  • Grover and Betty Lous, plumbers
  • Grover Buys Ten Balloons
  • The Queer Question Quiz - Guy Smiley
  • Cookie Monster's Number Cookies recipe - with The Count
  • Planting a Garden with Ernie - (and Bert)
  • The Count's Birthday Party - with Ernie, Bert, Sherlock Hemlock, Grover, Cookie Monster, Betty Lou, Granny Fanny Nesslerode (teal), Roosevelt Franklin and Herbert Birdsfoot
  • The Story of Pete the Pirate
  • Pussy-Cat and Queen - Ernie and Bert
  • Bookend: Big Bird and Oscar

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