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The Sesame Street Library Volume 8

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Written by  Michael Frith, Jerry Juhl, Emily Perl Kingsley, Sharon Lerner, Nina B. Link, Albert G. Miller, Jeffrey Moss, Norman Stiles, Jon Stone, Daniel Wilcox
Illustrator  Mel Crawford, A. Delaney, Mary Lou Dettmer, Michael Frith, David Gantz, Joseph Mathieu, Marc Nadel, Kelly Oechsli, Michael J. Smollin, Kay Wood
Published  1978
Publisher  Funk & Wagnalls
Series  The Sesame Street Library
ISBN  0834300168

The Sesame Street Library Volume 8 featuring the letters Q and R and the number 8

Stories included

  • Ernie Presents the Letter Q (with Cookie Monster
  • Ernie Dusts the Shelf (with Bert)
  • Q: The Queer Question Quiz - Guy Smiley
  • The Count counts 8 octopus arms
  • Hansel and Gretel - Ernie and Betty Lou
  • 8: King Hungry the Eighth
  • The Monster's Picnic - Grover, Herry and Cookie Monster
  • R: Big Bird's Ridiculous Rhinoceros Rhymes (with Little Jerry)
  • Old Mother Hubbard - Ernie and Betty Lou
  • Ernie and Bert's Counting Story
  • Cookie Monster's Colored Candy Cookies
  • Cookie and The Count LOVE the Baker
  • 2-page spread: Old King Cole
  • Ernie's Guessing Game (with Bert)
  • When I Grow Up, a poem by Big Bird
  • Grover: Above and Below
  • A Grouch-O-Phone - Oscar and Maria make a phone with cans and string
  • Ernie and Bert: tree riddle
  • A Very Old Shape Story - Bob narrates Caveman Ernie
  • 2-page photo spread: Roosevelt Franklin and his mom
  • Big Bird's Colors (with Grover, Herry, Cookie, Bert, Ernie and Oscar)
  • The Boy, the Girl and the Jellybeans (Chapter One) (EKA: Episode 0016)
  • Bookend: Ernie and Bert

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