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The Sesame Street Library Volume 14

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Written by Emily Perl Kingsley, Patricia Thackray
Illustrator Art-so-fine, A. Delaney, Lawrence Di Fiori, Joseph Mathieu, Marc Nadel, Mary Schenck, Kay Wood
Published 1979
Publisher Funk & Wagnalls
Series The Sesame Street Library
ISBN 0834300222

The Sesame Street Library Volume 14 featuring the number 14

Stories included

  • The Count at the Twiddlebug Picnic
  • Which Picture of Grover/Ernie/Cookie Monster is Different?
  • What is a Magnifying Glass? - Big Bird
  • Grover: In and Out
  • Three Monster Catch - Cookie Monster, Herry and Grover
  • In the Size of the Beholder - Big Bird and Little Bird
  • Red Light, Green Light board game
  • Time For a Snack! or Get It While It's There! - Grover and Cookie Monster
  • Pets on Sesame Street!
  • Grover's Bedtime Story (with Prairie Dawn and Grover's Mom)
  • Bert lost 14 pigeons
  • Food for Thought (photos of Bert, Ernie, and the Food Monster made out of food)
  • Why Do We Excercise? - Big Bird
  • Big Bird's Banana Bread recipe
  • What Do you See on This Page? (visual puzzle)
  • The Monster's Alphabet - Guy Smiley, Grover, Herry and Cookie Monster (First published: The Sesame Street Little Library)
  • Bookend: Ernie and Bert

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