PizzeRizzo record 01

On the wall of PizzeRizzo.

The Ratler Brothers are a quartet of rats who sing "Flowers on the Wall" in a 2015 music video posted to the Muppets' official YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Their name is a play on the Statler Brothers, who originally recorded the song.

They sing over Beaker's after-work activities and are eventually blown off the screen when Beaker inadvertently causes an explosion in his apartment.

Their performers include Matt Vogel (the guitar player), Steve Whitmire (banjo), David Rudman (washtub bass) and Dave Goelz (drums).

A vinyl record by The Ratler Brothers decorates a wall in the PizzeRizzo restaurant in Disney's Hollywood Studios. In addition to "Flowers on the Wall", the record also features "We Got Paid in Trash", "More Than a Hole in the Wall", and "Sewer and Sewer".