PERFORMER Camille Bonora
Sesame Street News Flash The Princess and the C

Sesame Street News Flash The Princess and the C

The Princess is a tough, independent girl who's interviewed by Kermit the Frog in a "Sesame Street News Flash" segment. Kermit hopes to interview the Princess who spent the night sleeping on many mattresses, but was so sensitive that she was bothered by a single pea under the bottom mattress.

When the Princess emerges from her bedchamber, Kermit is surprised to hear that she's slept like a log all night. He discovers that she's not the Princess from "The Princess and the Pea" -- this story is "The Princess and the C".

This Princess sleeps on things that begin with the letter C, like a cactus, a coconut, a clarinet, a crocodile and a clock. "Hey, I'm a Princess!" she explains. "I got a kingdom to take care of. I gotta deal with ogres, and giants, and witches... I gotta be tough, froggy! And sleeping on this stuff makes me tough!" To prove it, she and her royal attendants force Kermit down onto the bed so he can try it himself.

The Princess is one of the sporadic examples of the Large Lavender Anything Muppet design bearing rod arms rather than live-hands, along the same lines as Sonny Friendly and Rusty.