The Playroom is where each episode of The Secret Life of Toys takes place.

Located on the top floor of the house, the Playroom is where Penny and Simon keep all their toys, and play with them.

The spacey playroom has a big window with a window sill; a High Up Window, a high leveled floor (to be reached by a staircase with a monster underneath), the door leading to Beamland, and occasionally, a lion's den.

The laws of the playroom are defined by the toy community as "no-no's". These no-no's include:

  • No-no #1: Never destroy anything belonging to the children
  • No-no #3: Never get caught out of position
  • No-no #7: Never kidnap a magic fish
  • No-no #15: Never pull the curtain off the wall
  • No-no #32: Never trust a spy
  • No-no #44: Don't go beyond the Beamland door
  • No-no #83: Never go in the Lion's Den