The Pirettes are a trio of pirates who appear in the Muppet Babies episode "Treasure Attic".

They plan on burying Stripe-Socks Nanny's treasure and making slaves out of the Muppet Babies, but eventually get tricked by Baby Piggy into believing they could be on Broadway, especially when they sing the episode's main song, "Pirates."

The voices of the Pirettes are Russi Taylor as Captain Blackwig (dressed in blue), Laurie O'Brien as Captain Crochet Hook (in pink), and Katie Leigh as the Captain of the Pittsburgh Pirettes (green).


  • As the sources of their names, Captain Crochet Hook is based on Peter Pan's Captain Hook, Captain Blackwig is based on Captain Blackbeard, and Captain of the Pittsburgh Pirates is based on the Baseball team of the same name.

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