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The People in Your Neighborhood (song)

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Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1969
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.

"The People in Your Neighborhood" has been performed on Sesame Street many times, sung by many different characters. The song focus on occupations, with each variation focusing on different jobholders (usually portrayed by Anything Muppets).

The version heard on most albums is sung by Bob and two Anything Muppets, a postman and a firefighter performed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz respectively. David and Olivia sang this song at one point[1]

Bob also sang this song with celebrities such as Martina Navratilova, Barbara Walters and Ralph Nader in The Sesame Street Special, as well as in episode 4031. The song was also performed in the Sesame Street Live shows A Sesame Street Mystery: The Case of the Missing Rara Avis and Elmo Makes Music.


Picture Singer Earliest Known Appearance Featured People
Bob and the Anything Muppets Episode 0023 Postman (Jim Henson) and Fireman (Frank Oz)
Bob and the Anything Muppets Episode 0045 Garbage Man (Jim Henson) and Barber (Frank Oz)
Bob and the Anything Muppets Episode 0067 Grocer (Jim Henson) and Doctor (Frank Oz)

Bob and the Anything Muppets Episode 0276 Teachers (Frank Oz and Jerry Nelson) and Newsdealer (Jim Henson)
David and the Anything Muppets Episode 0718 Librarian (Jim Henson) and Plumber (Richard Hunt)
Maria and the Anything Muppets Episode 0884 Pilot (Jerry Nelson) and Nurse (Fran Brill)
Bob and the Anything Muppets Episode 0951 Lifeguard (Fran Brill) and Carpenter (Jim Henson)
Bob and the Anything Muppets Episode 2244 Dentist (David Rudman) and Bus Driver (Jim Henson) (Remake)
Hoots the Owl and the Anything Muppets Episode 2619 Night Watchman, Baker, Actress, Firefighter and Policeman
Young Bob and the Anything Muppets Episode 2621 Fire Fighter (Martin P. Robinson) and Letter Carrier (Camille Bonora)
Bob (in 1700's outfit) and the Anything Muppets with a Muppet George Washington and a Horse Episode 2640 Candlemaker (Richard Hunt) and Saddler (Kevin Clash)
Bob Episode 2687 Archaeologist
Bob, Barbara Walters, Martina Navratilova and Ralph Nader Sesame Street, Special News Correspondent, Tennis Player, and Consumer Advocate
Yoav, Jeremy Miller, and the Natives of Israel Shalom Sesame: Chanukah Miller, Blacksmith, and Olive Crushers
Ben Stiller, Telly Monster, and the Anything Muppets Episode 3812 Cable Guy (Joey Mazzarino), Letter Carrier (Stephanie D'Abruzzo), and Cheese (Ben in costume)
Big Bird, Gina, Ms. Camp, Lulu and a Horse Episode 4008 Veterinarian, Horse, and Letter Carrier
Chris and an Anything Muppet Salesman Episode 4136 Gym Teacher, Salesperson, Dancer, and a job at Hooper's Store
Maria, Abelardo Montoya, Lola, Pancho, Multimuppet, and Multimonstruo Plaza Sésamo
Episode 918
Postman and Fireman
Bob, Linda, and the Anything Muppets Season 8 Elevator Operator (Frank Oz) and Pharmacist (Jerry Nelson)

The CTW Archives also list these versions:

Episode 0106
Bob and the Anything Muppets
  • Baker and Shoemaker
Episode 0234
Bob and the Anything Muppets
  • Butcher and Zookeeper
Episode 0696
  • Oil man and Street Cleaner
Episode 0817
Bob and the Anything Muppets
  • Fisherman and Farmer
Episode 0892
Maria and the Anything Muppets
  • Florist and Electrician
Episode 0901
  • Moving Man and Hot Dog Vendor
Episode 0913
  • Crossing guard and Waiter
Episode 0947
  • Repairman and Clock maker
Episode 0965
  • Exterminator and Window Washer
Episode 1019
  • Veterinarian and Taxi driver
Episode 1028
  • Park attendant and Garage mechanic
Episode 1061
  • Babysitter and Photographer
Episode 1161
  • Painter and Milkman
Episode 1193


  • When Ralph Nader performed the song with Bob during his special guest appearance in The Sesame Street Special, Nader insisted on singing the grammatically correct "the people whom you meet each day", rather than the original "the people that you meet each day." The producers agreed to this change, but in the end the original lyric was used. [2]
  • This song was once referenced in The Electric Company. When Big Bird visits Fargo North and gets help translating his scrambled message, he then asks Fargo how to get to Sesame Street. Fargo tells him to find a bus driver, to which Big Bird answers "I know the bus driver. He's a person in my neighborhood."


  • In an episode from season 30, Bob sang a variation of this song about the letter Z being "A Letter in your Alphabet."
  • "The Computers in Your Neighborhood" was sung by Elmo, which was released on video as Computer Caper. The song asks where computers can be found, and Elmo learns from Farley and Mrs. Turow that they are in libraries and schools.
  • On the program Let's Get Ready!, a dalmatian sings a variation called "Who Helps You When There's an Emergency?" to Grover and Rosita, backed by some kids off-camera. They sing about the work of the teacher, the fireman, and the doctor.
  • The song was incorporated in a Sesame medley at the 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards, where the cast sings about Soap opera actors, cooking show hosts, talk show hosts and game show hosts.
  • At the Jim Henson's Musical World concert, Bob and the Sesame Street cast sang the song which featured a new verse about the conductor.
  • Murray Monster and Ovejita find people in the neighborhood in a series of tune-ins in season 43. Murray sings a rap tune inspired by the titular song, while the original song appears as background music during the segments.




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  1. A clip is featured in the timeline sequence of The Street We Live On
  2. Borgelnict, David Sesame Street Unpaved page 150

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