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TurkeyHollow LisaCheryl 1968
Photo taken with Lisa and Cheryl in 1968

The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow was a proposed Thanksgiving television special with music intended to be written by Raymond Scott.[1]

Set in 1968, the script was written by Jerry Juhl about a group of monsters living in the wild around a small New England town, which is the turkey capital of the country.[2]

Production made it as far as puppet design, some of which were built and still exist in the archives. Photos of Lisa and Cheryl Henson were taken in Jim Henson's back yard as a test to see how the puppets would look in the real world outside of a sound stage. The intention was to shoot the special on location.[2]

Graphic novel

This section is about an upcoming project, product, or production.

In 2011, Lisa Henson mentioned during a podcast interview that the project was one of many being looked at for revival. At the time, Kirk Thatcher was working on updating the project while possibly keeping it set in 1968.[2]

In 2014 it was announced that Roger Langridge was adapting the story into an original graphic novel, similar to how the Henson Company and Archaia Press had Ramón Pérez adapt Henson's unproduced screenplay for Tale of Sand into a graphic novel. The book is planned for release on November 11, 2014.[3]

In a March 2014 interview, Langridge commented:

"I'm writing and drawing a graphic novel for Archaia; that one hasn't been formally announced yet, so I probably shouldn't say too much about it, but I suspect Jim Henson fans will be very interested in that one. That's all scripted and thumbnailed, and I'm just about to jump into the actual drawing."[4]


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