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Scenes filmed for The Muppets, but cut from the film before release.

A longer version of Walter's dream where the Muppets pop out of the television. Dialogue in the following scene is also different. When Walter wakes up from the nightmare, Gary is less concerned about his well-being. Also, Walter already knows that they're all going to Los Angeles together, rather than Gary revealing the third ticket as a surprise.
In "Life's a Happy Song", after Mary's verse about her longing for Gary to propose, a similar verse with Walter occurs. Walter sits on a bench waiting for the bus and laments his feelings of not fitting in. The verse was cut from the film and the soundtrack.
A scene was cut featuring Gary, Mary, and Walter visiting the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The scene included a cameo by Rob Corddry as a Superman impersonator. The scene also features more subtle foreshadowing to Walter's whistling talent.
While Walter is screaming back at the hotel, Mary suggests to Gary perhaps they should "go grab some lunch or something". This short scene can be seen in the "Scream" TV Spot.
Clean the pool filters
Kermit explains to Gary, Mary, and Walter how he stops by every once in a while to look after the Los Angeles house. This is partially seen in the B-Roll footage that was released online.
Muppets2011Trailer01-1920 59
An extended scene with the Muppets recruiting Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker to re-join the Muppets was filmed. Bunsen and Beaker are shown working at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, however the scene was edited and simply shown as part of the "Back in Black" montage.

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An extended version of the fight sequence at Animal's anger management retreat was shown in the first trailer, including shots of Mary punching someone with satisfaction.
After Piggy tackles Kermit in her Paris office, the novelization describes a flashback to a fight after their wedding in The Muppets Take Manhattan. Piggy wanted to share with the world that they got married, but Kermit was upset about being tricked into marriage. He fires her, prompting their separation, leading back to the scene with present day Piggy. Footage from the scene was reworked into the film's epilogue.
Credit card club scene
In addition to "Punch Teacher," Veronica also shows a glimpse of "Credit Card Club", a teen-drama shown on CDE. The show features Sarah Hyland and Sterling Knight. While the scene was cut from the final film, a poster for the program is seen in Veronica's office and the show can be seen on the CDE schedule.
Gonzo practices his bowling ball act backstage by successfully knocking a pin off Gary’s head. However according to Bunsen Honeydew, Gary was never in any actual danger, as the ball was a highly advanced, hyper-intellegent remote control contraption made by Muppet Labs. While demonstrating the device, the ball gains sentience and chases Beaker around the theater. Kermit disapproves of using the prop, saying the Muppets have always been about "artistic integrity, not cheap tricks."

Clips from the scene were shown in various trailers and TV spots. The end of the scene (in which Beaker is chased by the bowling ball) was reworked into the film's "We Built This City" cleaning montage, with the bowling ball replaced with a vacuum cleaner, and the shot of Beaker running away sped up.

The second part of the scene was included on the Blu-ray release.

In order to attract a big celebrity host for their telethon, the Muppets attempt to put on a fake awards show. One scene features Kathy Griffin, Billy Crystal, and Ricky Gervais on the red carpet along with Scooter and the Newsman. Billy Crystal ends up arresting them for impersonating the Oscars.
The Muppets get locked up for hosting a sham awards show and Walter has to rescue them. The scene features cameos by Wanda Sykes (as Officer Ethel) and Danny Trejo (as a prisoner). An excerpt of the scene was featured in The Fuzzy Pack trailer.

An early draft of the script intended this scene to feature Nicky Holiday, still in jail after all these years. Charles Grodin turned down the part.

An operatic bridge appeared in the song "Let's Talk About Me". In the section, Tex sings about why he hates the Muppets so much - they ruined his 10th birthday party. The bridge did not appear in the final film, but was featured on the film's soundtrack (with vocals by Nathan Pacheco). The bridge (with vocals by Chris Cooper) appears as a bonus feature on the film's Blu-ray release under the title "Explaining Evil: The Full Tex Richman Song". The scene also includes an additional verse in which Tex talks about how he gold-plated his cat.
Walter addresses crowd
Walter addresses the Muppets outside Tex Richman's office building.
Following the opening of the telethon, the Muppets are seen leaving the stage, going down the stairway as they all reflect on doing the theme again.
An extended version of Camilla's performance of "Forget You" was filmed, including an introductory and concluding bit featuring a Whatnot farmer (performed by Bill Barretta). Portions of the extended scenes were featured in the "Forget You" music video released by Walt Disney Records. (YouTube) The extended version of the song appears as an "Easter egg" on the Blu-ray release of The Muppets.
The Swedish Chef attempts to prepare a turkey. A brief clip from this scene was featured in a TV spot and the second trailer.
An extended version of CDE's show "Punch Teacher" appears as an "Easter egg" on the Blu-ray release of The Muppets.
Telethon celebrities
John Krasinski filmed a scene in which he and Sam the Eagle trade glances at the camera (referencing Krasinski's character on The Office).[1]


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