This is a teaser trailer that was shown in theaters to promote the upcoming release of The Muppets Take Manhattan in 1984. Like many teasers, it consists of footage shot especially for the trailer, with a surprise twist at the end. The teaser hasn't been released on video.

A brisk orchestral score is heard as quick shots of New York City landmarks flash by -- the Empire State Building, the Pan Am building, Times Square.
Announcer New York... Times Square...
Announcer Broadway! All the lights... all the spectacle... all the excitement!
Announcer Thousands come every day, dreaming of one thing... to make it to the top!
Announcer Out of these thousands, one has a very special dream... and he's got something unique, something ordinary people don't have...
Announcer And, together with his friends, he's gonna take this town by storm!
Kermit the Frog steps out of the crowd, nervously hailing a cab.
Kermit Uh... uh, taxi? Taxi!
A taxi speeds by through a puddle, sending up a spray of water.
Kermit is soaked.
Miss Piggy enters -- and, seeing that Kermit is dripping wet, she yells at the cab driver.
Miss Piggy Creep!
Piggy notices the camera, and smiles broadly. Kermit grimaces.
Announcer The Muppets Take Manhattan... Coming soon, from TriStar!

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