Scenes cut from The Muppets Take Manhattan before release.

IheartNY locker stickers
There was a deleted scene filmed in which two little people stayed in lockers by the Muppets.[1] A human head can be seen sleeping in a bottom locker at the end of the "You Can't Take No for an Answer" montage.
Dustin Hoffman
A cameo for Dustin Hoffman as a producer was written, but Hoffman decided not to do it at the last minute.[2]
MTM Polka Bunsen
The storybook adaptation also includes a scene (with photos) of Bunsen and Beaker meeting the Electric Mayhem in the polka-crazy town of Monongahela, PA and helping the exhausted band with Muppet Lab's gas-powered drumometer. The book (as well as the comic adaption) also references Beauregard taking the band back to New York. While none of these were in the finished film, all three characters can be seen at the polka club when Dr. Teeth announces they are going to New York.
MTM comic hypnotize
The storybook and comic book adaptations both include a scene where Kermit's doctor tries to restore his memory with hypnotism. It's unclear whether such a scene was ever actually scripted or intended for the film, however.
MTM Statler Waldorf backstage
The film's storybook and comic book adaptations include a scene where Statler and Waldorf attempt to cure Kermit's amnesia backstage before the opening of Manhattan Melodies. The storybook includes photos.
MTM wedding Gonzo altar
The film's storybook adaptation includes a moment during the wedding finale where Kermit leans over to Gonzo, who was playing his best man, and asks Gonzo why he didn't play the minister and who the new actor is. Gonzo tells him that it's not an actor, but a real minister. A photo of Kermit and Gonzo talking by the altar appears in the book. It's unclear whether this was actually shot for the film, however.
Lyrics were cut from "He'll Make Me Happy," a line sung by singing food that doesn't appear in the final version of the song includes "lettuce wish them joy and hope, it's a shame they cantaloupe." The lost lyrics appear in the comic book adaptation of the movie, and were shown being rehearsed by the performers in The Making of The Muppets Take Manhattan.


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