Country (Language) Egypt
(Modern Standard Arabic)
Released {{{date}}}
Running time {{{runtime}}}
Dubbing Studio/
Masreya Media
Script Translator/Editor Omar Hasny
Voice Director Yara Ala
Musical Adaptation Nayer Nagui
(musical direction)
Omar Hasny (song adaptation)
Local Rating

المبتس is the Arabic dub of The Muppets. Although the dub was produced in Egypt, the same version was released in other Arabic-speaking countries in Middle East, like Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

The Arabic dub first aired on Middle East TV channel called Jeem. On cinemas, DVD and Blu-Ray releases in Middle East the movie is avalaible only in Arabic subtitles.


Arabic Dub Credits as seen on Jeem.


Additional Crew

  • Producers: Aysha Selim, Nemat Al-Sharnouby, Sally Qandil, Fatima Noor, Dima Hossam
  • Mixing Studio: Dubbing Brothers
  • Creative Supervisor (DCVI): Nadira Kacimi
  • Creative Director (DCVI): Boualem Lamhene
  • Arabic version produced by: Disney Character Voices International, Inc.

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