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Elmo Says BOO! (CD)
Written by Leonard Capizzi and Bobby Pickett
Date 1962
Publisher Capizzi Music Co.; Dimensional Songs of the Knoll; Gary's Paxton Publications

"The Monster Mash" is a novelty song traditionally heard around the time of Halloween. It was a number 1 hit for its co-author Bobby Pickett backed by "The Cryptkickers" in 1962. It was modified for use as a Sesame Street song, featuring the Count, Zoe and Telly Monster.

In this version of the song, the Count sings about how "I was counting my castle late one night / When my eyes beheld an eerie sight." His monster friends start doing the Mash, along with mummies, spiders and more. "1, 2, 3 zombies were having fun! / 4, 5, 6 goblins were on the run!" Even Herry and "Jackman Wolf" came in, as well as that rockin' trio "Two Ghouls and a Guy."

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  • In a Twitter posting for October 29, 2010, Grover says that the song maybe popular around Halloween, but Monsters like to sing it all year long.[1]

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