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EKA Episode 2496

The Lost Toy Opera is sung by Placido Flamingo on Sesame Street.

Placido sees Big Bird looking for his lost toy truck and offers to help him. He gives Big Bird a "TOY" sign to hold while he sings the "Lost Toy Opera," a story of a sad flamingo with a similar problem. He looks in several different places, such as Big Bird's nest and mailbox, as well as Oscar's trash can (in which Placido himself goes into). At the song's end. Placido reveals that the flamingo in the opera finds out that his toy has run off with his best friend. Big Bird suddenly remembers that he loaned his toy truck to Snuffy. He thanks Placido for the help and then he heads over to Snuffy's cave to get his truck back. Placido says, "Oh, do not thank me Big Bird! Thank opera!", before Oscar warns him to get out of his bait bucket; he's bothering the worms.

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