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Music by Solomon Linda (South African version)
Lyrics by George Weiss, Luigi Creatore, and Hugo Peretti (English lyrics)
Date 1939 for original version, 1961 for English version

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is a song made famous by pop group The Tokens, whose version hit #1 in 1961.

The song was performed by The Nylons, accompanied by the White Lion, on episode 103 of The Jim Henson Hour.

A jungle full of Muppet animals performed the song on episode 103 of Muppets Tonight, to the dismay of a Muppet lion (Frank Oz) attempting to get a good night's sleep. After making a futile attempt to shut out the noise by covering his ears with pillows, the Lion charges into the jungle, yelling at the animals to "STOP SINGING!"

In an edition of Journey to Ernie set in a jungle, the Two-Headed Monster passes through singing "Wimoweh, wimoweh" from the song.

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