May 11, 2005

Miss Piggy on Late Late Show 0002

August 2, 2007

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was a CBS talk show hosted by Craig Ferguson. The third incarnation of CBS's Late Late Show franchise, Ferguson's show debuted in 2005 after previous host Craig Kilborn left The Late Late Show to focus more on writing and producing, and Ferguson's tenure lasted until 2014. The show featured a variety of comedic material, celebrity interviews, and musical and stand-up comedy performances.


Muppet Mentions

  • When the show's producer couldn't secure the rights to the Doctor Who theme music after two days of rehearsing an opening number with guest Matt Smith, Ferguson lamented over the failure throughout the show. In the show's closing, Ferguson called out his performers to assist in a solo a cappella rendition of two lines from "The Rainbow Connection."

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