The King Who Ate Only Chicken, read by Luis on Sesame Street, tells the story of King Richard the Chicken-Hearted, a royal monarch who ate nothing but chicken for all three meals each day, because he knew of no other food. Finally, one day, he found himself getting fed up with it. He wanted something else besides all the numerous chicken concoctions, such as Chicken à la King, chicken salad and chicken pudding. So he arranged for a contest with all his servants to see who could provide him with the best new food, the prize being his kingdom (plus a free trip to Bermuda to boot). So, the competition was thrown, and the king tasted broccoli, milk, bread, and apples - and liked them all! The royal chef suggested having each one individually on different nights, but the subjects proposed the better idea of having them altogether, in the form of a meal. So it was decided, and since the contest was a four-way tie, they all won half the kingdom (King Richard happened to have an extra one). The king's name was changed to "King Richard the Smart", and everyone lived healthfully ever after.