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The Kermit the Frog Club

The Kermit the Frog Club is a spoof of The Mickey Mouse Club shown in Muppets Tonight episode 105. This fictional Muppet TV show features Cindy Crawford as one of the original Frogketeers. Despite Clifford's insistence that it was a very popular afternoon show, no one in the audience seems to remember it.

Frogketeers members wear t-shirts with spiky collars and hats with frog eyes. Aside from Cindy Crawford, they include Jennifer, Newt, Robbie, M! D Bolo, L. Ron, Toshiro and Stu.

Stu calls out his name five times, and when he is told off by Kermit, he explains that he can't help it- he has a short-term memory. Kermit announces that Friday is "Get-To-Know-Your-Frogketeer-Day", and calls the newest Frogketeer- Cindy Crawford (or Cinderella Crawfordopolis), forward. He asks what her hobbies are - she likes to dress up in really pretty clothes and walk up and down her driveway- and what she wants to do when she grows up- the same thing, only she wants to get paid millions of dollars for it. Kermit asks her what she would like to do if this doesn't work out, and Cindy embarks on a VERY ambitious career plan (which, curiously enough, is an account of her own career), which astonishes the other Frogketeers, and causes Kermit to exclaim ironically, "What an imagination!".

This sketch was clipped on episode 209.

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