The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date March 25, 1965
Guests Eddy Arnold, Kay Starr, Norm Crosby, The Village Stompers, Florida Citrus Queen
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

This special episode was taped on location in Winter Haven, Florida. The show opens with Jimmy Dean singing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" as he water skis around the lake. The other guests appear on boats and docks, joining along. Rowlf the Dog appears briefly, popping out from the hatch of a submarine.

Later, Jimmy informs the audience that Rowlf has spent virtually the entire trip thus far on a treasure hunt. Rowlf emerges from behind the fence in scuba gear ("You remember me, the Creature from the Black Lagoon?") Rowlf tells Jimmy that he's been diving into the lake to look for sunken treasure and re-emerges with a propeller. Jimmy points to all the sundry items Rowlf has already found and tells him that they're all junk, not treasure.

Rowlf asserts that there's most likely millions of dollars of treasure in the lake and claims to have even seen John Cameron Swayze wrestling with an octopus in there (to test the strength of his watch). Rowlf follows Jimmy's orders and relaxes for a second before diving back in. He returns with a handful of junk jewelry, which he claims was given to Pocahontas by Julius Caesar as a wedding gift.

Rowlf prepares for a deeper dive and asks Jimmy to help with his oxygen tank. As Jimmy reads the instructions, Rowlf's chest inflates until he has yet another bellybutton blowout. After replacing it with an orange seed ("It's a navel orange."), Rowlf realizes Jimmy is right and agrees to enjoy his vacation. The two sing a chorus of "Ain't We Got Fun," before Rowlf dives back into the lake.

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