The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date February 18, 1965
Guests Vikki Carr, Henny Youngman and Johnny Tillotson
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf observes a sleeping Jimmy Dean and explains to the audience that Jimmy has been working hard all week for an upcoming minstrel number in the show. thus is taken a nap. Rowlf calls for the crowd to be quiet and asks the band for some sleeping music.

Rowlf begins to inspect the sleeping Jimmy and does his own measurement of his ears. He then discovers that flicking them produces a humorous "boing" sound. He produces a can of glue and unsuccessfully tries sticking Jimmy's ear to his head. He makes a similar attempts with a hammer and nail before vetoing the idea (with the children in the audience shouting their agreement).

Rowlf then attempts to see through Jimmy's head through his ears. He then discovers by covering one ear and blowing into the other, Jimmy's cheeks puff up. He then places a trumpet in one ear and blows in the other, playing a brief sample of "Dixie"; Jimmy salutes in his sleep.

Jimmy turns over and Rowlf produces a bubble wand, allowing Jimmy to blow a bubble (as the band plays the theme to The Lawrence Welk Show). Rowlf hushes them and proceeds to comb Jimmy's hair into a mess. He then grabs a make up tool and draws a mustache, goatee and sideburns on Jimmy's face. He adds one final touch, a sticker reading "KISS ME," and gives him a parting peck on the cheek before trying to leave. He stumbles, dropping his tray of props and waking Jimmy up. Jimmy enjoyed his rest and claims he's never felt better; Rowlf sheepishly tells him he's never looked better either and splits.

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