The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date February 27, 1964
Guests Eddy Arnold, Corbett Monica, Molly Bee, Buck Owens, Smitty & The Virginians
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

During the opening, with a rodeo set this week, Rowlf the Dog mimes riding a bucking steed and says "Howdy."

For his main spot, Rowlf tells Jimmy Dean he's trying to rehearse for The Rowlf Show. Rowlf has been offered his own TV series, sponsored by Flanigan's Flea Soap. It will be a variety show, with song, dance, and jokes. Every week, he plans to do a spot talking to a "pet human." Guest stars will be included, but (don't tell the sponsor) Rowlf plans to impersonate them all: Maurice Chevalier (singing "Louise" and "Thank Heaven for Little Dogs"), Crazy Guggenheim, Doctor Zorba from Ben Casey, Jackie Gleason (in a top hat ala Reggie Van Gleason, and spouting catch phrases)... and Jimmy Dean ("Howdy, if I ain't Jimmy Dean and a hog's nose ain't pork"; he sings one line of "Big Bad John," Dean's 1961 hit song).

Jimmy offers to be a guest on Rowlf's show for free, but regrets that the dog is leaving his show. But when Jimmy's done with and seen in some dive, he hopes Rowlf will remember who got him his start, or at least give him an autograph. Emotionally touched, Rowlf tells Flanigan's Flea Soap to get another dog (he's not leaving Jimmy Dean just because he's old, feeble, and forgotten). In musical fashion, Rowlf and Jimmy cement their "Friendship."

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