The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date January 30, 1964
Guests Patti Page, Ferlin Husky, Grandpa Jones, Wade Ray, and Norm Crosby
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

During the opening gold rush number, "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain," Rowlf the Dog is using a pickaxe behind a fence.

Dramatic horns are heard as Rowlf makes a bitter plea asking why there isn't a dog day. He says there is Father's Day and Mother's Day, but there is no dog day. When Jimmy Dean comes over, Rowlf shows him the almanac that there is a holiday for Groundhog Day, Mother-in-law Day, Bicycle Day, and Yo-yo Day. Rowlf says that the only time they think of dogs is on Arbor Day. When Jimmy tells Rowlf that Arbor Day is dedicated to trees and ask what it has to do with dogs, Rowlf looks at him until Jimmy realized what the answer was. Jimmy also points out that turkeys got a day which is Thanksgiving Day, but Rowlf says the way they honor turkeys he can do without. Rowlf shows there is a National Pickle Week after Mother's Day and shames us that most people are getting pickled then becoming mothers.

Then Jimmy asks Rowlf if dogs really deserve a special day and Rowlf takes offense to the question because he thinks dogs are brave than other animals. Jimmy asks that if his house on fire that Rowlf will rush in to get Jimmy's house slippers. Rowlf replies that he means brave and not stupid. Then Jimmy asks Rowlf if he and Elizabeth Taylor were drowning at midstream, who would Rowlf save? When Rowlf could not answer the question, Rowlf decides that Dog's Day is not for him. Jimmy tells Rowlf that the mayor of New York City is a good friend of dogs and that he should tell his tail to Wag-ner because the mayor's name is Robert F. Wagner Jr.

After talking, Rowlf decides to not give up on having dogs have a dog's day and Jimmy was going to help him make it happen. Rowlf and Jimmy Dean sing "How Come There's No Dog Day."

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