The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date December 26, 1963
Guests Patty Duke, Tex Ritter, The Jubilee Four, Jackie Mason, Lassie
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

During the opening, Rowlf the Dog sings a brief part of "Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle" and then announces that canine star Lassie is on the show at last.

When Jimmy Dean tries to introduce a beautiful dramatic actress with her own TV show, Rowlf keeps interrupting to assume it's Lassie. (It's actually Patty Duke in her singing debut). A lovestruck Rowlf continues to await Lassie, and hopes she'll find he reminds her of David Niven (or Steve McQueen, or scrunching down, Mickey Rooney).

When he does meet her at least, Rowlf faints twice and then can only ask her at first about baseball teams. He doesn't understand why she won't speak to him in English. Lassie shows off her jumping and acting skills with the help of trainer Rudd Weatherwax. When Jimmy leaves them alone to have some private time, Rowlf sings "Honey" (replacing the title endearment with Lassie); as she gets closer to him and nuzzling, he tells her to cut it out since people are watching. During the end credits, Rowlf and Lassie continue to chat.

In his 2004 biography, Dean describes this event as "one of the sweetest things you ever saw."

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