The Jimmy Dean Show
Rowlf skip to me lou b
Air Date December 12, 1963
Guests Jack Carter, Homer and Jethro, Molly Bee
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf the Dog sings a line of "Skip to My Lou" in the opening number.

In his main spot, Rowlf (singing a snatch of "By the Beautiful Sea") tries to book a vacation to Miami, giving his last name as Dean (implying his full name is Rowlf Dean). He wants a place that has cha-cha lessons down by the pool, and he shows Jimmy Dean the dance moves he learned from Xavier Cugat's chihuahua. Jimmy makes him feel guilty about leaving him behind, so Rowlf cancels. They talk about taking a vacation just the two of them later on and end with a full duet of "By the Beautiful Sea."

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