The Jimmy Dean Show
Air Date November 28, 1963
Guests The McGuire Sisters, The Jubliee Four, Don Adams, The Crum Brothers
Streaming RFD-TV Country Club

Rowlf the Dog appears in the opening number wearing a straw hat to sing a line of the Arlie Duff song "Y'All Come to See Us When You Can".

Later, Rowlf pops up with Jimmy Dean talking about how he had too much turkey at Thanksgiving dinner. He says he celebrated the holiday at the kennel with his four nephews (the way they eat, he used to have five), his mom and dad, granddaddy, Uncle Rover from Pittsburgh (he'll go anywhere for a free meal), seven cousins, and a stray cat (it was his turkey; "he won it in a raffle, the lucky dog").

Jimmy says it sounds like he was surrounded by everyone he loves. Everyone, Rowlf says, except for Lassie. "On the frying pan of love, she has fricasseed my heart." Jimmy asks if Rowlf is still in love with Lassie, and he responds with a reminder that Jimmy promised to get her on the show.

When Rowlf asks why people eat turkey on Thanksgiving, Jimmy tells the story of the first year when pilgrims came to America. When he gets to the part about how they began starving, Rowlf is astonished that they didn't just call up the local delicatessen. "You mean, they came all the way from England to a place with no delicatessen?"

He asks what the pilgrims had to be thankful about, and Jimmy responds that if it hadn't been for the Indians, the pilgrims would have starved and wouldn't have eaten at all. "Ugh! You mean, the pilgrims ate the Indians?!" He goes into a tirade about who could have stopped them, including cowboys and John Wayne. Jimmy informs him there was no John Wayne. "There was always a John Wayne!"

When he calms down, Jimmy finishes the tale with the Indians giving the pilgrims turkeys, and asks if it's a nice story. Rowlf says he can't wait until they make a movie about it with John Wayne.

Jimmy admits to not having eaten all that much for Thanksgiving, and decides to work on a turkey leg a little bit. He offers some to Rowlf, but he says he couldn't eat another crumb after his huge dinner. Jimmy nibbles away while Rowlf looks longingly on, finally breaking and asking for some of the leg. The two end the segment singing "The Best Things in Life Are Free".

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