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Episode 512: The Honk of Honks


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Fraggle Rock
Air Date March 23, 1987
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Richard Hunt

Gobo meets BJ in the UK version of the episode.

Gobo goes into Outer Space and discovers that Doc can't see him. Cantus gives Gobo the job of finding the Honk of Honks, which will begin the performance of the Song of Songs.

At the same time, Doc sends Sprocket to comfort Ned Shimmelfinney when his asthma gets worse.


  • This episode was directed by Muppeteer Richard Hunt.
  • Murray the Minstrel is played in this episode by Gord Robertson, rather than Steve Whitmire.
  • The episode includes several references to the first season of the show. When Gobo goes to retrieve his postcard, he hums a tune similar to "Workin'" from the first episode taped. Later, Cantus asks the Fraggles to look for songs within them, which he told them in his first appearance. The swoopfoomer also appears from the first season episode "Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk".
  • As a sign of how the relationship between the Gorgs and the Fraggles has progressed throughout the series, Junior is seen giving Gobo a horn for the Honk of the Honks.
  • This episode is the last time the normal ending credits, with the scat version of the Fraggle Rock Theme, is used.

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