Moishe Oofnik, earthquake preparation (subtitled)

Moishe Oofnik, earthquake preparation (subtitled)

PSA with English subtitles.


Ido in Moishe's bin. It's not bigger on the inside.

The Home Front Command, Israel's regional command, runs an annual campaign on emergency preparedness. Earthquake preparedness is the focus of the campaign launched on July 1, 2012, with the campaign slogan "The Home Front Takes Command." Moishe Oofnik appeared in a TV spot with Ido Rosenblum (host of the Israeli localization of Cash Cab).

Ido, in a uniform, is on reserve duty for the Home Front Command. He's looking for Entrance B on a street, only for Moishe Oofnik to pop out of his green plastic trashbin. Ido explains that he's checking on earthquake preparedness, so Moishe reluctantly lets him in (complaining that the open lid is letting out the smell). Inside the bin, illuminated by a single hanging lightbulb, Ido asks Moishe what he'd do in case of an earthquake. He says he'd stress himself out to relax, "and pinch you to make sure this isn't a dream" (and pinch him he does). Ido reprimands the Muppet, telling him that the best thing to do is get out into the open. Suddenly the container shakes, and Moishe shouts "Earthquake!" They emerge, for Moishe to snicker and reveal that it was only the Tuesday garbage collection, as he knew. Ido tells him not to be "an Oofnik" (grouch). The ad concludes with Ido Rosenblum telling viewers to log onto the Home Front Command website for earthquake preparedness tips. Ad agency McCann Erickson produced the spot, and the entire campaign.

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