PERFORMER Leslie Carrara-Rudolph voice
DEBUT 2015

The Great Pyramid of Squeeza appears in a sketch in Sesame Street's 45th season. (First: Episode 4526)

Elmo and Grover visit a jungle to find the pyramid. Elmo has a model that will help they know what it looks like, but intrepid explorer Grover mistakes a large, stone sphere and cube for the pyramid (while taking numerous selfies with them). Eventually, a despondent Grover trips over the triangular stone and Elmo points out it's the pyramid. When they wonder why it's named "Squeeza," the pyramid suddenly comes to life, claiming she likes hugs. The monsters give her a big hug.

Her name is a play on the Great Pyramid of Giza found in Egypt. While the pyramid itself is a physical prop, the character's face is computer animated.