Written by Peter Lurye
Publisher Mad Muppet Melodies

The "Goodbye Song" is performed by Bear and Luna at the end of each episode of Bear in the Big Blue House. As they perform, several scenes from the episode are shown. In rare instances, some of the other characters will join in the singing of the song as well. It was also featured in Bear in the Big Blue House Live!

In the episode "And to All a Good Night," the entire cast (up to that point in the series run) performed a special version of the song. This extended version was available on the Bear's Holiday Celebration album.

Ojo joined Bear and Luna for the Goodbye Song in "You Go, Ojo!"

Ojo, Pip and Pop, Tutter, and Treelo joined Bear and Luna in the second half of the Goodbye Song in "Listen Up!"

Audio releases


  • The Goodbye Song is the only song that appears in every episode (excluding part one of A Berry Bear Christmas)
  • While most appearances of the song feature two segments with flashbacks of the episode itself (with two exceptions), the one seen in the VHS release of A Berry Bear Christmas features one giant segment that takes up a majority of the song; it also features a clip never seen in the episode, where Jack the Dog is seen laying in his new dog house (though Jack is seen sleeping in his house just prior to the song).