The Count's Countdown (CD)
Songs from Sesame Street
Released 1997
Format CD
Label Sony Wonder
Cat no. LK 63409
LK 63410

The Count's Countdown is a Sesame Street album featuring songs made famous by The Count.

Track listing

  1. The Song of The Count
    from Letters ...and Numbers, Too!
  2. The First Day of School
    from For the First Time
  3. The Transylvania Polka
    a 1977 single
  4. Little Miss Count Along - The Count and Zoe
  5. Nothing to Count
  6. Transylvania Love Call - The Count and a Great and Good Friend
    from Love
  7. The Batty Bat
    from Put Down the Duckie!
  8. Counting Is Wonderful - The Count and Elmo
  9. One Potato
    from The People in Your Neighborhood
  10. Count Up to Nine
    from Born to Add
  11. Hands
    from Every Body's Record
  12. It's Been a Long, Long Time - The Royal Transylvanians
    from The Count Counts
  13. Counting Robins - The Count and Nine Robins
  14. I Could Have Counted All Night - The Count / The Countess / The Countess' Mother
  15. The Lambaba!
    from Cheap Thrills

Other releases

  • LT 63409 (Sony Wonder cassette, 1997)
  • LT 63410 (Sony Wonder cassette, 1997)

International releases

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