The Caring Collection is a digital Sesame Street music collection released on in 2012 via SoundCloud with songs available for purchase on iTunes. The album compiles songs about love and friendship from previously released albums.

"Bert's Love Song" appears twice on the album; the second being mislabeled as "I Just Adore Four."

Track listing

  1. A Really Good Feeling
    From Bert & Ernie Sing-Along
  2. Lovable Monsters of Sesame Street
    From The Sesame Street Monsters!
  3. But I Like You
    From Jim Henson: A Sesame Street Celebration
  4. Bert's Love Song
    From Love
  5. A Little Yelp from My Friends
    From Sesame Road
  6. Sign, You're a Friend of Mine
    From Signs!
  7. That's Love
    From Love
  8. Special
    From 60 Favorite Songs from Sesame Street
  9. Happy to Meet You
    From Elmopalooza
  10. That's What Friends Are For
    From Surprise!

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