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DEBUT 1984

The Captain was the British equivalent of Doc in the UK co-production of Fraggle Rock. The Captain was a Scots-accented retired sailor, now active as a lighthouse keeper, who lived on an island somewhere off the South Coast of England, and who received Uncle Traveling Matt's postcards through a passing mailboat. The Captain was a bit crustier than Doc and tended to be slightly harsher towards Sprocket, but the two still had a very close relationship.

When actor Fulton MacKay died in 1987, John Gordon Sinclair replaced him as the Captain's nephew P.K.; who was then replaced by Simon O'Brien as the Captain's son B.J. in the fourth season.

The Captain, along with Sprocket, appeared in the 1983 Childrens Royal Variety Performance. He gave a brief talk to the audience, explaining that the stories about strange creatures living under the lighthouse were utter nonsense. This was followed by a segment featuring the Fraggles.

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