The Bird is the Word! Big Bird's Favorite Songs (CD)
Songs from Sesame Street
Released 1995
Format CD
Label Sony Wonder
Cat no. LK 67256
LK 67658

The Bird is the Word!: Big Bird's Favorite Songs is a Sesame Street album featuring songs made famous by Big Bird.

Track listing

  1. Just One MeBig Bird
    from Numbers!
  2. ABC-DEF-GHI – Big Bird
    from The Sesame Street Book & Record
  3. Wonderful Me – Big Bird
  4. Tall Enough – Big Bird
    from For the First Time
  5. The Sound of the Letter A – Big Bird
    from The Muppet Alphabet Album
  6. I Just Adore 4 – Big Bird and the Tarnish Brothers
    from The Count Counts
  7. Y'all Fall Down – Big Bird, Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster
    from Havin' Fun with Ernie & Bert
  8. Good Morning, Mister Sun – Big Bird
  9. Everyone Makes Mistakes – Big Bird
    from The Official Sesame Street 2 Book-and-Record Album
  10. Just Three Colors – Big Bird and Oscar
    from Havin' Fun with Ernie & Bert
  11. What Makes a Fly Fly? – Big Bird and Hoots
  12. Very, Very Special Letter – Big Bird
    from The Muppet Alphabet Album
  13. Read Me a Story – Big Bird and Zoe
    (this is not the version that appears on The Gang's All Here!)
  14. Sing – Big Bird
  15. Surfin' Bird – Big Bird

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