The Bill Cosby Show was the first television sitcom starring Bill Cosby, and ran from 1969 until 1971. The series featured Cosby as teacher and coach Chet Kincaid.

A second season episode, broadcast on January 24, 1971, was titled "The Sesame Street Rumble." The plot revolved around Chet's attempts to obtain a television set to watch a football game after his set blows a fuse. He attempts to borrow one from his young nephew Davey, who refuses to give up the set when Sesame Street is coming on. Chet proceeds at length to prove that Sesame Street isn't the only way of learning, and that the letter E "is not that hot." The script was one of the earliest satirical examinations of the Sesame Street teaching method, as opposed to a general lampoon of the content and characters.

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