Elmo In Grouchland (CD)
Songs from The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland
Released 1999
Format CD
Label Sony Wonder
Cat no. LK 63512 (CD)
LT 63512 (cassette)
LK 63513 (CD)
LT 63513 (cassette)

This album, released in 1999, is the soundtrack to The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

This album won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Album for Children in 2000.

Track listing

  1. Welcome to Grouchland - The Grouchland Ensemble
  2. Together Forever - Elmo
  3. I See a Kingdom - Vanessa Williams
  4. Take the First Step - Stuckweed
  5. Precious Wings - Tatyana Ali
  6. Elmo Tells His Grouchland Story (Spoken Word)
  7. The Grouch Song - Elmo / Grizzy / Oscar the Grouch
  8. There's a Big Heap of Trash at the End of the Rainbow - The Stenchmen
  9. I Love Trash - Steven Tyler

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