Muppet PSA - Cookie Monster for the Ad Council01:01

Muppet PSA - Cookie Monster for the Ad Council

Sesame psa ad council buckle up00:35

Sesame psa ad council buckle up

The Ad Council is a non-profit agency which since 1952, has been the leading producer of television public service announcements, often "sponsored" by specific non-profit groups and government agencies. Ad Council spots typically address such issues as public safety, personal health, and wider issues such as adoption. Their best known creations include Smokey Bear and McGruff, the dog who "takes a bite out of crime." Various advertising agencies over the years have donated their services in creating the campaign.

Cookie Monster

Over the years, many Ad Council campaigns have involved the participation of celebrities. In 1974, their "Nutrition Campaign" featured Cookie Monster, in both 30 second and 60 second versions of the same spot. The spot was scripted by Norman Stiles, with input from Louis DiJacobs of Young, Rubican and Associates.

Decades before the "Veggie Monster" controversy, Cookie Monster encourages healthy eating habits. To the astonishment of a roving reporter (off-screen voice-over), Cookie Monster explains that even he can't eat only cookies and expect to be healthy. He proceeds to dine on meat and fish, carrots and peas, fruits, and then milk. For dessert, Cookie Monster brings out a whistle, summoning a truck load of cookies.

The ad was filmed on September 16, 1974 in Staten Island.[1] The commercial is available for viewing at the Paley Center for Media.

Car seats

One spot created in the 1990s featured Elmo, Big Bird, Maria, and Gabi.


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