Music by Ralph Rainger
Lyrics by Leo Robin
Date 1938
Source The Big Broadcast of 1938 (film)

"Thanks for the Memory" is a song most closely associated with Bob Hope, who sang it with co-star Shirley Ross in The Big Broadcast of 1938. The song won an Academy Award. It became the title of a 1939 follow-up with the same pair and was used as Bob Hope's theme song on radio, television specials, appearances, and more.

In The Muppet Movie, a bell version of the song plays behind the ice cream man (played by Bob Hope in a cameo), underscoring his scene with Fozzie Bear. A brief portion had been used on The Muppet Show for Hope's entrances in his episode.


  • At the end of Hope's Muppet Show episode, Waldorf observes that Bob Hope usually sings "Thanks for the Memories" (prompting Statler to wonder why Hope would want to remember this).
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