PERFORMER Phillip Hinton voice
  Derek Amer body in "PK Tech Girl"
  Thomas Holesgrove body in "Liars, Guns and Money"
DEBUT 1999

Turac are the captain of the Sheyang ship that had the salvage right for the Peacekeeper ship Zelbinion, in the episode "PK Tech Girl". He intended to attack Moya in order to eliminate the competition for Zelbinion, however he changes his mind when he discover that Moya apparently has a Luxan captain. Due to his doubt about attacking Moya, he is knocked down by Lomus who then take command of the ship and attack Moya. When Teurac wakes up he orders Lomus to finish his attack, even if it costs him his life. He ends up leaving Moya alone and congratulates the Luxan captain, D'Argo with a successful bluff, but promise that he will destroy him next time they meet. However Teurac ends up helping the crew, in the episodes "Liars, Guns and Money (2): With Friends Like These..." and "Liars, Guns and Money (3): Plan B", with an attack on the Shadow Depository. He ends up killing himself to make the generator explode.