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Music by Stephen Lawrence
Lyrics by Annie Evans
Publisher S J L Music Co.
Sesame Street Inc.
EKA Episode 3849
Sesame Street Telly's Aquarium02:09

Sesame Street Telly's Aquarium

Telly's pet fish sing about "Telly's Aquarium."

In a parody of "Aquarius", the inhabitants of "Telly's Aquarium", including a fish that resembles Telly himself, sing about how nice it is to live in an aquarium. At the end of their song, Telly goes to his fish tank and takes notice of the resemblance between him and one of his fish.

The set used in the song, as well as the underscore, were seen in The Sesame Street Podcast episode for "Squid", where an animated squid swam around the tank.




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