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Characters and alter-egos assumed by Telly Monster in Muppet productions.

Picture Role Production Notes
Prince Telly - Two Princes
Telly as a prince Sesame Street
Two Princes
king Sesame Street
Episode 3385
dog Sesame Street
episode 4137
Baby Bear and Telly dress as dogs to try and lure the word "dog" back into their book.
duck Sesame Street Telly plays a silly, mooing duck in the song "Baby, Say It Loud."
duck Elmo's Musical Adventure: Peter and the Wolf Telly also used the same costume when he took on the role of "mother" for a baby duck in Episode 4051 of Sesame Street
elephant   In a sketch about the power of the imagination, Telly imagines he's an elephant.
goat   In the same sketch, Telly imagines he's a goat.
lion   In the same sketch, Telly imagines he's a lion.
Telly Lion. 3952
lion Episode 3952 Telly Monster dresses up as a lion in a song.
fish Elmo's World: Water
Tellysaurus Rex Sesame Street: Dinosaurs! Telly as a dinosaur
Cow We're Counting on You, Grover! Telly as Cow in a Jack and the Beanstalk Play
Reporter Telly Sesame Street Telly as a "Monster on the Spot" reporter.
Video: We All Sing Together
Telly Dactyl Super Morphin Mega Monsters A parody of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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