Written by Vincent Youmans and Irving Caesar
Date 1925
Source No, No, Nanette (musical)
Publisher Irving Caesar Music Corp; WB Music Corp; Warner Brothers, Inc.

An excerpt from "Tea for Two" was first used by the Muppets in the recurring "Music Hath Charms" sketch performed on multiple variety shows.

It played as the background music for Gonzo's dancing chicken act in The Muppet Show episode 204.

Rowlf and Lew Zealand later sang the song backwards in episode 314, and it was performed again in The Muppet Show On Tour: 2nd Edition.

After Link Hogthrob is struck by a shower of dummo rays in the "Pigs in Space" sketch from episode 315, he begins to dance to his own humming of "Tea for Two."

The Count von Count and Lady Two parodied this song in a duet entitled "Two for Two".

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