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For other uses, see Kids (song)

Kaitlyn has appeared since season 39


Matt Robinson with Stephen Gustafson, who became a regular cast member on The Electric Company.


The Kids is a generic term applied to any group of kids performing on Sesame Street. Kids have always been a part of the Street -- the first scene in the first episode includes a group of kids playing basketball.

Sesame Street albums sometimes credit "The Kids" for songs with a kid chorus, including "Somebody Come and Play," "Sing," and the "Sesame Street Theme."

Cast Members

Everyday Kids

Movie Kids


  • According to Kevin Clash, Whoopi Goldberg was once a babysitter for a few of the kids: "Before she was well-known, she was a baby-sitter for some of the kids we had on the show. Then she became famous and whenever we ask her to do something for us, she's always there. She's a part of Sesame Street." [2]

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