Written by Christopher Cerf
Date 1991
Publisher Splotched Animal Music Co.
EKA Episode 3110

"Tall Tale" is a Sesame Street song performed by Johnny Cash, Noel Cowherd and some other cowpokes. Johnny tells a tale about a town he traveled through where everything was opposite, Noel sings about meeting some aliens on a diet and a cowgirl (performed by Louise Gold) sings about a ring she got from her friend that makes a "tall-tale-teller" disappear. She presses her ring, and Johnny and Noel vanish.

Johnny Cash's 1992 Sesame Street performance of "Tall Tale" is at present unique to his discography as he is not known to have recorded it in any other venue (unlike a previous Sesame Street-original, "Nasty Dan", that Cash rerecorded for one of his later albums). As of 2016, Cash's performance has yet to be officially released on album or CD.



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