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Accent for Velvet

Does anyone know what type of accent Velvet has in Elmo the Musical? -- User:Carlitosbug

I think it's less an accent (although there does seem to be a New York influence) than a character voice, reminiscent of both Bette Midler and JoAnne Worley and their big, brassy styles (even Ethel Merman). -- Andrew Leal (talk) 07:34, July 12, 2013 (UTC)
I think Velvet has a British accent.User:Antsamthompson9
I think it's just a very overly dramatic, thespian voice (as Andrew states). - Oscarfan (talk) 22:02, July 12, 2013 (UTC)
Yeah, it's *definitely* not British. It fits the thespian tone as Enrique says, since she *is* a theater curtain, and I think they meant her to come off as a friendly stage diva (in the older sense of the term, mostly). -- Andrew Leal (talk) 00:54, July 13, 2013 (UTC)

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