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I just watched this on Wednesday night, since it was the anniversary of Jim's passing. Coming here to its article, it seems kind of short. Is there a way to beef it up a little, like maybe more details on what clips are included? Any ideas from anybody? -- Ken (talk) 02:18, 19 May 2007 (UTC)

I agree. I haven't seen the whole special, but one thing you could do is maybe make a contents list for the various "chapter cards" that appear in the documentary. --Minor muppetz 14:52, 19 May 2007 (UTC)
Hey, Scott! Thanks for upgrading the Talk to Attention. I have this, so I can watch it over and over again, but I have no idea how to make it better. What do you think we should do? Would it be overkill to make a Sesame style chart of every single clip? I would need a lot of help, since I don't know what some clips are from. Well, thanks for noticing my question! -- Ken (talk) 03:14, 31 May 2007 (UTC)
Yeah, a SS episode style page would be overkill. I really don't want to see that format take over every similar page on the wiki. My arguments against this have come up before at Talk:Episode 223: John Cleese; but simply reiterated here, I think it works fine for the structured format of something like a Sesame Street episode or a home video specifically made as a compliation of clips, but for other things, it's less classy when we can just as easily have an article that covers the topic. —Scott (talk) 14:38, 31 May 2007 (UTC)

Great performances section?

This was a special presentation of the PBS series Great Performances produced after Jim Henson had passed away. But there are portions in the beginning where Jim's Kermit is making reference to being on Great Performances. It sounds like we could use a Great Performances section with their appearance(s), but I know nothing of them. -- Scarecroe 21:27, 1 Jan 2006 (UTC)

I think there was only one other. I have some info on it somewheres. -- Toughpigs 21:36, 1 Jan 2006 (UTC)

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