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Sigh, another performer dispute. I don't own Hey Cinderella, but Pawnshopsign, who created the page, says Frank Oz performed both stepsisters, one on each hand, in the text. Dean changed the performer box to say Nelson and Oz performed one each, but left the contradictory text intact. Anyone care to referee? --Andrew, Aleal 01:46, 17 March 2006 (UTC)

Frank Oz and Jerry Nelson both performed voices for the stepsisters. It's possible that Frank Oz performed both and Jerry Nelson recorded a voice later, though I don't know why Jerry Nelson would need to perform the voice seperately for every scene. I'm sure that only one performer performed them both when they danced together (according to the Muppet Morsels, in At the Dance each pair of dancers would be performed by just one performer, and another would record a voice seperately if neccessary). There are also a few scenes where they appear in the same frame as Featherstone, a Jerry Nelson character. I wonder if there is an actual source for the info that Frank Oz performed both puppets (as opposed to Jerry Nelson or Jim Henson performing both puppets). --Minor muppetz 04:09, 17 March 2006 (UTC)

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